5 reasons to burn a candle...

As it turns out, lighting a scented candle can do much more for you than just smell lovely. If you didn’t know already, here are a few benefits of burning your favourite fragrance candles:

Boost Your Mood

Scented candles are well known for being mood-boosters. Certain aromas affect our emotions and in turn our mood. Floral fragrances such as rose, lavender and jasmine help you feel calm and relaxed, helping you feel better. Whereas the stimulating properties in cinnamon can help fight mental fatigue and improve concentration and focus. Peppermint, a great energy booster, invigorates the mind, promotes concentration and stimulates clear thinking, so perfect for using when working or brainstorming.

Improved Sleep

Busy lifestyles and everyday stress affect our sleep patterns and you might often find yourself lying awake at night. Lighting up a scented candle that you love (I recommend lavender) releases relaxing chemicals that leave you feeling content and calm. Try lighting one 30 minutes before 'lights out', although never leave  burning candle unattended!

Create ambience

Candles are simple yet stylish decor options.They add a unique finishing touch to a room and when lit create a warm and relaxing feeling. They can help you accentuate the style and colour of a room and once you light up the candles, the atmosphere in the room will be simply beautiful.

Fragrance the room

Despite the fact that you open windows and use air fresheners, you may not be able to retain a pleasant smell for long. Candles are a great option to add a lovely fragrance in your home. A good candle will have a strong cold scent throw even when unlit. There are many different scent options available whether you prefer citrus or floral fragrances or more earthy,  woody or herbaceous scents. 

Candles are thus great ways to make your house more welcoming, not only because of their lighting, but also thanks to their unique, pleasant fragrances and aromas.

Repel insects

Certain essential oils and fragrances are naturally insect repelling and so lighting a scented tea-light or candle when relaxing or dining outside in the summer months can help to keep the insects at bay. The most commonly used and familiar scent used in outdoor candles is citronella, however this is very strong smelling and not particularly pleasant. There are in fact far nicer scents which also offer protection against wasps, flies and mosquitoes. In particular, peppermint, clove, geranium, basil, thyme and rosemary, are all natural deterrents, as are many citrus scents. These far more pleasant smelling aromas, can also be burned inside whereas it is not advisable to burn citronella candles in the home.


So as you can see, the  benefits associated with burning candles is long and varied. Burning candles can enhance your life in various ways. They improve your well-being, relieve stress, and can help you benefit from improved sleep, moods and general health.

We suggest you give it a try - start burning candles - It is a simple act, and yet the positive effects are endless!